“We'll keep playing til the by.

The Brad Thomas Project started with a dream.   A dream to spread the music I write and the music I like all around.  As a singer and songwriter from Alabama, I like music with a Southern style.  In a short period of time we have seen an incredible response to the music we create. 

My early life as spent listening to metal.  The music I play and create now borders on the Americana/country genre.  ahhave a couple of people playing with me now.  Kaylee Jordan is a singer/guitarist out of Ardmore, Al.  This young lady has a great voice and will be recording some songs I have written.  Eric Lemons is a true old school country singer and guitarist from Brewer, Al.

Both accompany me to shows in their areas.  Both are a pleasure to hear.

Contact at 205-902-1781
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